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43 Annual Conference of the Caribbean Studies Association

From June 4th to 8th, 2018.
Havana city, Cuba


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This annual conference proposes integrating education, culture, and emancipatory thought as the fundamental reflexive axes for furthering the process of decolonization in the Caribbean. All three concepts deepen our understanding of the re-appropriation and recuperation of memory— be it individual, collective, social or historical— in these territories. Our conference aims to foster dialogue and brainstorm about these three topics in order to rethink and reconstruct paradigms, to relocate margins and excluded spaces, and to understand the diversity and complexity of this region’s peoples.
Caribbean history was forged from many contributors and interferences due to the quantity and diversity of sources, as well as the fragmentary way this history has been told. Methods of recuperation and an analysis of this narrative process are essential in order to decolonize the mind, which poses a challenge to the field of education. In the Caribbean, culture and history are intensely vivid. In such a setting, the seeds of resistance and of emancipatory thought are crucial; this conference will look not only at the present but also to the future.

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  • November 19 to 24
  • Havana city
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